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We are on vacation until January. Happy Holidays!

About Ted and Lulus-An Art Moms Company

Ted and Lulus is a company that stemmed from my dream to shop for a living and to support independent makers. We believe in supporting small and handmade. Along with amazing handmade items, you'll also find bits and pieces of unique and original goodies-mixed in with some vintage, because this girl loves anything vintage. 

I often say 'WE' when referencing Ted and Lulus. WE are a small family owned business. WE includes a little bit of all of us. My original roots started with Art Moms, a business I own with my mother. My roots lie deep with where I originated and will always be a motivating factor in my passionate success for doing what i love. Ted and Lulus is a branch of Art Moms and will be a little adventure to continue to support all things fun-happy-handmade and independent. 

Who are Art Moms? Art Moms is a colorful and wacky mother and daughter from South Dakota. How lucky am I to work side by side with a business partner that is not only my mom but my best friend? We create handmade pieces that spread joy and positivity including notecards, affirmation decks, stickers, art prints, wall weavings, canvas pictures and so much more. We sell to multiple stores in the U.S. and have a holiday brick and mortar pop up where we support local makers. It's really a dream job if I am being honest. We are a true family business. We have one employee. My dad, or more commonly known as Beard, retired from Citibank in 2009 and has become our head honcho in supplying our stores and doing bookwork. He is our number one fan and the best dad a girl could ask for. In fact, our FREE in town deliveries will be made by Beard himself. 

Who am I? Well, i'm all sorts of things! I'm a really awesome wife.  An even awesom-er mom. A pretty kick ass daughter. An illustrator. A children's book writer. A stationary designer. A lover of all foods (especially dessert). A die hard Chicago Cubs fan. A plant lover. A girl devoted to family. A kindness seeker. An entrepreneur. A small business supporter. A woman empowered to empower other women. A daddy's girl. A cocktail partaker. A cuss word user. A lover of all things pink. A golfer seeking her first hole in one. A wild soul smitten with Hawaii. A fighter for equality and human rights. A certified professional shopper. A clumsy dorky goofball. A golden retriever lover. A coffee addict. A girl filled with wanderlust. A girl that uses a lot of words. -See, i told you I'm all sorts of things. 

Hi. My name is Chantel and I'm a girl who will always love pen and paper. A girl who loves boho, mixed with quirky, mixed with color. i love shopping for things that don't make sense. Things that make you scratch your head and smile all at the same time. I'm a firm believer in buying things that make you happy. Who cares if it doesn't match the sofa! Screw the thoughts in your head that ask you, "Do I really need this?" "Hell yes you do!" -that's what this girl always says.

Why the name Ted and Lulus? For 22 years, my husband has called me Lulu and I have called him Ted. Little did I know I would marry a man who would love shopping for unique and quirky things more than me. Not.even.kidding. He's quite the dandy. To my bigger than life, partner in crime, sharp dressing, quick witted and big hearted husband-thank you for seeking out the happy hearted things in life.

Jerime (Ted) and I have one daughter. She is our miracle baby that was born in 2004. She loves family, acting, broadway shows, animals (especially her cat), promoting equality, kindness and human rights, traveling, making people laugh and creating. 

Thank you for shopping Ted and Lulus. We promise to give you everything your heart desires as long as it desires fun-happy-feel good products.